We understand that choosing a college is a process that unfolds over time and in a series of steps.


Catalyst College Consulting, LLC offers comprehensive college planning for high school and transfer students. We understand that choosing a college is a process that unfolds over time and in a series of steps.  The process typically starts during a student's sophomore year of high school and culminates in the spring of senior year.  Our goal is to guide you through every step of this journey from personality and career assessments to researching colleges, writing essays and applications, and deciding on financial aid packages.  

Catalyst College Counseling believes that making a good match between counselor and family is the essential foundation of a productive working relationship.  Therefore, it is important to understand the personalities, expectations and concerns within the family and tailor the counseling based on this information.  We understand the importance of creating a relationship with the student. With an established rapport, the partnership between counselor and student is powerful and effective. 

Our services are available a la carte, to address specific questions or tasks, or bundled into packages with varying levels of service.  Our services include, but are not limited to:

Developing the College “Match” List

  • Initial meeting with the student and family to agree on goals and target outcomes
  • Process overview to define the timeline and develop action plan
  • Evaluating the student’s high school record, test scores, and extra-curricular activities
  • Assessing student’s interests, strengths, and goals
  • Administration of personality profile and 14-point college match profile
  • Prioritizing college characteristics to drive search
  • College research including recommended websites and campus visits
  • Narrowing down choices and guidance on questions to ask

Application Assistance

  • Review / Confirm the Match List
  • Develop an application action plan which sets deadlines and assignments to be compliant with all of the college application requirements
  • Resume / Personal Statement Development
  • Essay Planning / Review
  • Application Review
  • Interview Skills Training

Before and After Planning Assistance

  • Standardized Testing Plan
  • Curriculum Review to determine best high school courses to take
  • Review of activities  both inside and outside of school with recommendations for further development
  • Deciding where to attend after acceptances arrive by weighing pros and cons
  • Compare and contrast financial aid packages